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Have you been searching for quality landscaping sand near you? Then you’ll be happy to know your search ends here at Grand River Natural Stone. Offering a varied selection of beneficial mulch, nutritive topsoil and premium fine-grained sand, our Kitchener store is your one-stop shop for all things gardening and landscaping. Best of all, we offer sand delivery with all local orders of bulk gardening sand and landscaping supplies.

Bulk sand for sale

Whether you need bedding sand for patio pavers or fine-grained masonry sand for bricklaying, Grand River Natural Stone has all your landscaping and gardening needs covered. You can even try our user-friendly material calculator online to help you figure out the precise amount of sand needed for your projects. Load up on your preferred type and coarseness of landscaping sand today and experience unbeatable savings with our discounted pricing on bulk sand.

Bulk sand delivery in Kitchener

Are you looking to buy sand in Kitchener, but don’t have the means to move it? With Grand River Natural Stone’s local delivery services, you won’t have to worry about hauling landscaping supplies ever again. Call our team today at 1-866-603-8488 to order the best sand for your outdoor projects.

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