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2020 Hardscape Awards

The Grandies are back!

Grand River Natural Stone is thrilled to announce the Sixth Annual Hardscape Awards!

It is that time of year again to show off your talent, creativity, and craftsmanship by showcasing the projects that you’ve worked so hard on.

We are now accepting photo submissions from contractors and retail customers alike. Winners of this year’s prestigious Grandies will be awarded Spring 2021. So be sure to take some good pictures of your best jobs and get your submissions in.

If the last half decade has been any indication of your creativity, we are all very excited to see what you have in store for us!


The Grandies will be awarded across eight competitive categories, as follows:
  • Best use of Unilock
  • Best use of Permacon
  • Best use of Techo-Bloc
  • Best use of Natural Stone
  • Best use of Water
  • Best use of Lighting
  • Best use of Fire
  • Best DIY Project
  • Best Overall Project

Rules of Entry

  • Contest is open to ALL Grand River Stone Customers – contractor OR retail
  • Entries will be accepted no later than Tuesday, December 31st
  • Entries may be submitted by the following means:
    • Submitted in person via USB stick
    • Sent via Email
  • Entries will be judged on Creativity, Attention to Detail, Project Flow, and Photo Quality
  • Contest is limited to one submission per entrant, per category – with no limit on how any categories a single project may be submitted for (e.g. John may enter one project to compete in both Unilock and Overall categories, but may not enter multiple projects to compete in the Unilock category)
  • A maximum of 6 pictures may be submitted per entry per category
  • Grand River Stone reserves the right to publish or display all photo submissions
  • All project entries must feature a minimum of 50% product purchased from Grand River Stone; judgement will be made at the discretion of GR staff, who may also ask for proof of purchase
  • Project submissions may be otherwise disqualified at the discretion of GR staff

Photos of 2019 Grandies Winners

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