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Free Flagstone Idea Guide

Free Guide – How to Use Flagstone Inside & Outside Your Home

Free Flagstone eBookIf you’re looking for some creative ways to use flagstone on your property or in your home, you’ve come to the right place. This free eBook is packed with design ideas that are guaranteed to get your friends and family talking.

Flagstone is traditionally used outside the home to create mosaic style walkways or patios. Flagstone can be:

  • Quartzite – resistant to wear and tear but requires routine maintenance to clean the rough surface.
  • Limestone – long lasting, but susceptible to acidic damage.
  • Bluestone – stands up well to harsh winter conditions, requires thorough sealing to preserve colour.
  • Sandstone – stays cool in the summer, but absorbs water and can be damaged through freeze-thaw cycles.
  • Slate – Not a sedimentary rock. Easy to shape, but easy to break.
  • Basalt – Igneous rock. Absorbs sound nicely, but dulls in appearance over time.
  • Travertine – Durable and high end quality, difficult to maintain because of pitted surface.
  • A few others, unique to geography.

Flagstone can be used as a durable and beautiful indoor floor. If you’re interested in bamboo flooring because of its low environmental impact, you should also consider flagstone. These earth-forged materials will last the lifetime of your home and require significantly less maintenance.

Where you might use paint, wood or tiles, consider flagstone

  • Enhance your fireplace surrounds
  • Install an elegant, old world backsplash
  • Build unique design elements within your home

After you’ve downloaded our free guide, look around our site and browse our project gallery. Then, when you’re ready, contact us and use your newfound inspiration to discuss how you want flagstone to enhance both the outside and inside of your home.