The Only Reliable Source for Steel Beams in Hamilton

Homebuilders and other professional contractors can reduce overall costs and place orders for steel beams in Hamilton with short lead times at our custom fabrication yard in Stoney Creek. What type of structural steel beams do you need?

  • Steel I beams.
  • Steel channel.
  • Steel Angle Iron and lintel
  • Adjustable Posts
  • Re-bar hooks, dowels, pintels
  • Reinforcing bar 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm
  • Steel Wide Flange beams.
Whether you need residential steel beams or other structural steel beams, we can get them to you on time and on budget. Contact us here to talk about your steel beam order.


Fast turnaround, delivery, and more

Our specialized steel division in Stoney Creek caters to the shifting needs of the building industry. We cut and weld steel beams to precise builder specifications and we never miss a deadline. We also offer:

  • Curved angle iron.
  • Cambered beams.
  • Reinforcing rod and mesh.
  • Steel plates and screw tops
  • Q-decking.
  • Onsite welding.
  • Custom rebar bending.
  • Custom fabricating.
  • Beam placement.
  • Jobsite delivery.
  • Site placement with crane.
  • Steel Shop Drawings.
No order is too large or too small. We want you to get your steel beams in Hamilton from us. With service from fabrication to delivery and installation, we’ll make you and your team look good.


What are the next steps?

We work through a 6 step system to get your order right and ready on time.

  1. We make a detailed study of your plans/blueprints.
  2. Determine if onsite beam placement, welding or any other service is recommended (we’ll make recommendations, but you’re always the boss).
  3. Draft a proper estimate for the job.
  4. You sign off on specs and cost.
  5. We get to work processing and prepping the beams, posts and sundry items needed to complete the project
  6. We confirm delivery time and bring the beams right to you.
If you need, our professional installers can install the beams on your worksite. Talk to our experienced staff about your building project. We’re always willing to answer your questions and offer options to streamline our role in your job. Call to price out your structural steel beams in Hamilton now.