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Quality Brick and Masonry Sand

Brick and Masonry Sand for Multiple Jobs On Site

We source out the best brick and masonry sand on the market which is perfect for grouting, brick laying, or block laying in any environment. When combined with cement it creates solid, lasting bonds between rough surfaces. It’s the first choice for masons, bricklayers and other contractors who value proven quality in their supplies.

Although designed for brick and masonry work, this product is also functional in a variety of other work spaces.

  • Masonry Sand is functional in animal rescue facilities, horse stalls and other places where an absorbent, affordable cushioning layer is required
  • It provides ideal spacing in plant soil mixtures for water, air and nutrients to penetrate the soil
  • Brick and masonry sand is also a superior alternative to standard sand in ice-slip control, as the grains don’t clump and create better surface abrasion

Our brick and masonry sand can meet your on-site needs. This is the right material for your job for your masonry project


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